Report you login problems here!

Procedures for a successful login

If this is your first-time login:
At the homepage of UPSA-Virtual (
  1. Enter your Student Number (index number as username)
  2. Enter the default password  (ask your lecturer, a classmate who has login already or check in the class WhatsApp Group for information on default or first-time password)
  3. You will be required to change your password upon first login. Please follow the "change password" rules.

If you have logged in before and have forgotten your password:
At the homepage of UPSA-Virtual (
  1. Click on the "Lost password" or  "Forgotten your username or password?" Link
  2. Enter your student number at the username textbox (the reset password information will only be sent to your UPSA student email address.
  3. Contact your Class Rep, Class Whatsapp Group, a classmate who has successfully activated the upsamail, or your Lecturer on how to activate upsamail. You may also send email to ISTD Support on
Please note that if you have not done this semester's course registration you will not be able to access your courses on UPSA-Virtual after successful login.
If you follow the above directions and still have login problems please complete the form below for assistance.